February 9, 2009

Legend, TN

Legend, Tennessee: Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the city of Legend,TN boasts of small town pride and southern elegance. Porches are still for sitting and troubles for one family affect the entire community.

This is the place where women from different backgrounds find purpose, love - and their futures - in a town intent on preserving its past.

The launch book for the series, Finding Home, shares four stories, written by four authors, about four women ready to start again. Different backgrounds, one town, all searching for home, in one way or another.

Come join these ladies on their journey for love. You'll meet Lilly, Midnight, Suzie and Jane. Visit their town. Walk the streets. See where they work. Meet their friends. Experience the quirks of small-town living. And most of all, feel their stories right along with them, as they fall in love.

Janet Eaves, Magdalena Scott, Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James all masterfully weave the stories of these women as they find home, and their hearts, in beautiful Legend, Tennessee.

Following the launch book in the series co-authored by all four authors, each author shares additional stories to round out the series, the town, and the characters. Some will intrigue, some will make you laugh, others will leave you warm and fuzzy on the inside. No matter the sub-genre, romance is always the theme. We invite you into our town, and our hearts.



Here is what one reviewer says about Ladies of Legend, Finding Home.

Coffee Time Reviewer - Cherokee
Rating: 5 Cups!

Lilly Peach is running from something so frightening it finally takes a whole town to cover her back.
    CTR: I liked the suspense that edged on in Claiming the Legend. Janet Eaves sketches two sides to Lily that gives the reader more insight to her as a person. The layer of expressions portrayed on these players is excellent.
MIDNIGHT IN LEGEND, TN by Magdalena Scott
Lovely Midnight Shelby finds Legend on the Internet after becoming tired of being one of her now ex-husband's "beautiful things."
    CTR: This story had me in stitches. The minute the voodoo doll was brought up, and the reaction with Martin, was hilarious. I loved the theme of this whole storyline. Midnight in Legend by Magdalena Scott is one read I will not forget.
Suzie Schul finds home only when the "fling" she had many months earlier shows up with a plan on her B&B doorstep.
    CTR: I love stories by Maddie James. Bed, Breakfast, and You, is a fast-moving read that really hooks the reader. Ms. James makes me want to move to Legend.
THE REUNION GAME by Jan Scarbrough
And plain Jane Smith reunites with her long lost love by playing a game of "bait and switch" with her twin sister.
    CTR: I liked The Reunion Game. Jan Scarbrough paints convincing characters that reach out and touch the reader in some way. This flowing read is really delightful. I look forward to more stories by Ms. Scarbrough.
Note: The town of Legend, Tennessee and its residents live in the imaginations of its authors. The town and all characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.